This evening our neighbour Rachel has told us about a tradition she and her family began 4 years ago. She wondered if more of you wanted to know about it, so we’re very happy to share it with you.

As Rachel puts it “At midday on 25th, we all step outside, coats on, drink in hand (coffee, champagne, or whatever one happens to be enjoying at that moment), and have an impromptu drinks party on the pavement.

We congregate around number 33. It was just a few of us at the start but is gradually expanding. People bring extended family, dogs, children. We stay about half an hour and then all go home.”

 A great idea, and beautifully simple. So if you live on Fawnbrake and can sneak away from the cooking schedule for a while at midday on Christmas morning, you’d be very welcome to join Rachel and her neighbours for pavement drinks.

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