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Lambeth Local Elections 2018 – Herne Hill Ward Results

People who follow such things will undoubtedly know the results of yesterday’s elections already. The campaigning  in Herne Hill was particularly lively, wasn’t it? And the results were unusually close.

For the record, here are the figures:



Becca Thackray Green 2365  –  elected
Jim Dickson Lab 2335  –  elected
Pauline George Lab 2246 –  elected


Jack Holborn Lab 2114
Nick Christian Green 2060
Matt Reynolds Green 2049
Nick Edwards HH Community 705
Claire Baker Con 308
Poppy Hasted LD 274
Rachel Lester LD 266
Dick Tooze Con 263
Anton Richards Con 228
Luke Sandford LD 171

Bike theft on Fawnbrake Avenue

A neighbour on Fawnbrake Avenue had his bike stolen when the family were away over the Easter weekend, i.e. between last Saturday morning (31 March) and Tuesday (3 April).

The bike is black and had a child seat mounted on the rear, so it is quite distinct. The same (or other) thieves also made off with two fire extinguishers from the communal hallway, which is another thing somebody might have noticed.

If anyone happened to see someone wheeling or cycling that bike along Fawnbrake Avenue last weekend, please post a comment and I will pass it on to our neighbour.

Hanami in Herne Hill

Hanami is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival.

As explained in Paul Wood’s excellent book “London’s Street Trees – A Field Guide To The Urban Forest”*, the Hanami festival takes place in Japan every spring, to celebrate both the arrival of the new season and the sensual and transient beauty of flowering cherry trees.

He goes on to say that London is graced with many fine cherry avenues, but that the most beautiful cherry tree street has to be Winterbrook Road in Herne Hill. “It is planted exclusively with the wonderful Japanese Yoshino variety. This exceptional planting scheme – a street uniformly planted with a single spectacular species – is a great role model for other London streets and down to the vision of one woman”.

Cherry trees on Winterbrook Road, April 2018

Mr Wood explains that this was Ms Robin Crookshank Hilton, a former local councillor, who was inspired by the cherry planting in Washington DC where she grew up. Washington is famed for its cherries, gifted by Tokyo after the Second World War. [In fact there are one or two other species on Winterbrook Road but as they are not in leaf when the cherry trees are in blossom, they do not in any way compete for attention.]

The Yoshino cherry is the most frequently planted species in Tokyo. If we get another sunny day in this miserable spring, it is worth trotting over to Winterbrook Road (or the neighbouring Stradella Road) to see our own local display before the wind blows it away like confetti.



*published in 2017 by Safe Haven Books

Urban Forest – Walk to enjoy cherry blossom on Sunday


This event has been postponed: see Twitter announcement below.


It’s not on Fawnbrake, but still worth signalling, as Herne Hill is actually quite famous for its Japanese Yoshino cherry tree blossoms  –  now coming into bloom along Winterbrook Road, we hope.

Paul Wood, author of the excellent ‘London Street Trees‘ (Guardian Nature Books  of 2017) is leading a walk on Sunday morning to entice us to Explore the Urban Forest in Herne Hill.

Sunday 25 March 10.30am-12.30pm Start: Herne Hill rail station, London SE24 0JW.

Details and tickets here.