The Future of Brockwell Hall Café – a Survey

Recent years have seen announcements about the redevelopment of Brockwell Hall, and news of a Lottery Grant of £3.3 million towards the overall cost of the project, which would probably exceed £6 million.

Brockwell Hall

The plan is for Lambeth Council (who own the Hall) to fund the difference, with the Hall aiming to become commercially viable, if probably not fully self-sufficient. There is a full report in the excellent article by our neighbour Laurence Marsh in the centre pages of the most recent ‘Herne Hill’ magazine.

Most of the Hall at the moment is inaccessible to the public, but the cafe – modest though it is – is popular as a place of meeting and refreshment for park users. The future franchise for the operation of the cafe will probably be open to bidders, and one interested party has already started to canvass the park users’ views of what we would like the cafe to offer. We are grateful to our friends in the Brixton Forum for directing us to this survey. It is easy and quick to complete.

Take the survey

Undoubtedly many people on our street are users of the Brockwell Hall cafe and will have views about what a future replacement might look like. If you want to contribute to the survey, click here.


One thought on “The Future of Brockwell Hall Café – a Survey”

  1. Thanks for the information. For me the ideal would be a place where I can get a cuppa and mothers of young children can get a sit-down without having to take out a mortgage. And how about a social enterprise to train up local kids who need a leg-up into hospitality, like Cafe van Gogh at the church on Brixton Road?

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