The Cambria pub in Loughborough Junction to reopen next month

Following our report last December, it has now been announced that The Cambria will reopen next month. It has been through an extensive and expensive repair and refurbishment process since November.

It will definitely be serving meals, too: a necessary feature for most successful pubs these days.

Being so close to one of the entrances to Ruskin Park should also be an advantage to the new operators.

Although it will be run by an independent pub company, Prospect Pubs & Bars Ltd,, The Cambria is ultimately owned by the giant global beer company Heineken, which augurs well for its financial stability, we must hope.

The Cambria reborn

There was some concern locally about the pub’s application for very late opening hours, but the opening times announced seem to indicate that  –  after local objections  –   Lambeth has wisely denied permission for this: normal closing times are 11 PM , which seem appropriate for a pub in the middle of a residential area.

They have a useful website, marred only slightly by predictable gushing PR speak.

In their report, the excellent Brixton Buzz expressed regret that The Cambria is not offering a wide range of independent locally brewed beers, but concedes that this was probably unlikely since Brixton Brewery, whose products will be on regular supply, is itself now owned by Heineken.

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