Reminder – Fast approaching deadline

We can still comment on Lambeth’s application for a performance/food/drink pop-up on and around the Ruskin Park bandstand this summer.  But Wednesday 10 March is the cut-off date.


The performances and other events would happen 5 days a week including evenings and weekends all through spring to autumn (29 April – 12 September 2021), presumably blocking off the long-established summer weekend concerts traditionally organised by the Friends of Ruskin Park (FoRP).

The Friends’ explanation and comments can be read on their website here.  Others might think, on the contrary, that this is all a wonderful idea.

We can give feedback to Events Lambeth by Wednesday 10 March 2021.

Why bother?

There’s a natural tendency in Lambeth Council (as in others, probably) to assume that “no comment”/silence =  either approval or indifference.

So if we feel something is wrong (or right!) it could make sense to take five minutes to feed back our comments. Lord knows, it doesn’t always make a difference but if we stay silent when things we don’t approve of look like happening, we can’t really complain afterwards if they do. End of homily.


One thought on “Reminder – Fast approaching deadline”

  1. I’ve commented, thanks for your reminders Pat. I like the variety of music on the bandstand in the summer, but 12 to 9pm, 5 days a week is definitely a step too far, and risks disturbing our enjoyment of the green too much. I worry that it could set a precedent for Brockwell Park type events in the future as well. But I expect some people will have alternative views, we shall see.

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