Deluge and flood

It’s obviously the monsoon period in London, with floods and hail to prove it. Is it climate change?

Certainly the enormous puddles in Fawnbrake Avenue yesterday afternoon and evening were exceptional.

You should have seen it earlier, when it covered the pavement too.

Those of us who live in the lowest lying  section of the street are well accustomed to dealing with accumulations of rainwater where the surface dips between numbers 73 – 85. Rain run-off find its way here from both directions and often lingers when the grate cover is blocked by leaves, twigs and other debris. We and our neighbours have spent many happy hours with rakes and brooms dislodging the rubbish so that the water can flow away.

The last few days have been different. The obstruction in the drains is clearly more deep-seated; clearing the visible blockage hasn’t helped. Hence the biblical flooding yesterday afternoon, and general resort to Wellington boots.

We and our neighbours have reported this to Lambeth Street Care not once, not twice but… well, we’re losing count now. This morning we alerted our Counsellor Jim Dickson, who hastened to put the pressure on. We hope that something radical will be done before the next watery onslaught. Someone sent a poor street cleaner to brush up rubbish early this morning, but that won’t have solved the underlying problem.

In the meantime none of us would take it personally if, when approaching this part of the street, you cross over to the other side.



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  1. Note of caution to our neighbours – if you are cleaning up please be careful as the mess left is filthy and full of all sorts of germs – it stinks. Last time this happened my husband cleaned up and he ended up with D&V. This is a health hazard.

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