Lambeth Introducing More Electric Car Charging Places

Lambeth have published proposals to convert some existing regular parking spaces to exclusive use for electric vehicle charging.

This is intended to meet demand for electric vehicle charging places and to “aid the transition to electric vehicles”, given the Council’s commitment to install over 200 charging points by 2022. As they quite credibly point out, the current lack of charging facilities is a barrier for people wishing to buy electric cars (unless of course they have off-street parking) – so by providing more charging places, they would give potential users more confidence that they will be able to access charging facilities when necessary.







The proposals extend across the whole borough, but in Herne Hill the Council intend to capture one parking slot in Kestrel Avenue adjacent to no. 78 Herne Hill, and another in Herne Place.

Removing just one parking space from general use at these locations is not likely to cause too much distress, but it will be worth monitoring future stages of this programme to make sure that council taxpayers who have invested in conventional cars are not unnecessarily penalised.

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