Important road closures in Herne Hill

A sharp-eyed fellow member  of the Herne Hill Society (thank you, John) has spotted a very awkward programme of road closures just announced by Lambeth Council.

To facilitate repairs to the railway bridge, they  intend to make an Order the effect of which would be “to temporarily ban vehicles from entering in a northerly direction those lengths of Norwood Road and Half Moon Lane which
lie between the north-eastern side of Railton Road and the south-western side of Milkwood Road.”

The roads leading to and under the bridge, in other words.


Nightly, from 17 August. But thankfully, this is qualified.

The announcement says “The Order would come into force on 17th August 2018 and it would continue for a maximum duration of
4 months (to allow for contingencies) or until the works have been completed whichever is the sooner, although in practice it is anticipated that the Order would only have effect (1) from 10 pm on 17th August 2018 until 6 am on 21st August 2018 and (2) from 10 pm on 7th December 2018 until 6 am on 10th December 2018.

However …

If the works cannot be completed or carried out during these times the Order may also have effect at other times within the maximum period of 4 months.

Alternative routes when the road under the bridge is closed?

As we all know,there aren’t many convenient alternative routes if the road under the bridge is blocked.

Native Herne Hillians may work out some cunning plan, but public transport and transit traffic will be sent the long way round thus:

Alternative routes for vehicles affected by the above road closure would be available via

(a) Dulwich Road, Brixton Water Lane, Effra Road, St Matthew’s Road, Brixton Hill, Brixton Road (northwards), Stockwell Road, Stockwell Park Walk, Brixton Road (southwards), Gresham Road, Coldharbour Lane, Denmark Hill and Herne Hill; and

(b) Norwood Road, Christchurch Road, Hardel Rise, Tulse Hill, Effra Road, St Matthew’s Road, Brixton Hill, Brixton Road (northwards), Stockwell Road, Stockwell Park Walk, Brixton Road (southwards), Gresham Road, Coldharbour Lane, Denmark Hill and Herne Hill.

Chaos looms. Enjoy the scenic route. We have been warned !

Full text of Lambeth’s announcement here.

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