4 thoughts on “Water Leak”

  1. Latest on the leak.
    TW attended at 9.30pm.
    There is a broken valve which could not be fixed.
    Another team is due to attend today to do a boundary box exchange.
    The residents at 105 have already called and chased up TW this morning since they have no water pressure into their house and therefore no cold water.

  2. Update on leak outside No 105 and blocked gully outside No 99.
    TW arrived this afternoon to assess the leak.
    The wrong team was sent but they have taken photographs and arranged for the correct team to attend.
    Reported the blocked gully to Lambeth and engineers aim to attend by Thursday 2 August.

  3. No 101 just returned from holiday and also reported the leak to Thames Water first thing this morning.
    We know that No 105 has also reported.
    We have been assured engineers will attend today.
    Currently attempting to report blocked gulley drain outside No 99 to Lambeth.

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