Garden Waste non-collection

If, like us, you were irritated that your garden waste bags weren’t collected on Friday, and left disconsolate on the pavement, it may be that  –  again, like us  –  you’ve omitted to renew your annual subscription.

Garden waste bags – jilted.

Did they tell us that the subscription was expiring? Of course not. Are we surprised at that? No.

Anyway, you can renew by phone, or on the website.

If your neighbours have had the same experience,  it might be kind to tell them.

If, on the other hand,  you remembered to renew, feel free to celebrate your efficiency!

2 thoughts on “Garden Waste non-collection”

  1. Thank you. We at 75 likewise renewed our subscription several weeks ago and had a couple of collections, but nothing last Friday. It looks as though many people in the street didn’t get a collection last Friday. We checked their site and they are still supposed to be collecting every week. Has anyone reported this to Lambeth – I don’t want to duplicate effort.

  2. I have to say I did get a reminder and renewed my subscription whilst abroad, but my bags were still uncollected. Lambeth confirmed my subscription had been received and promised a collection within 24 hours (due toady, allowing for the weekend) …. watch this space!

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